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HHS Alumni
Houston Alumni Association
P.O. Box 304, Houston, MO 65483


2011 Officers

Roger Holder, class of 1962

Jimmilee Brown Prouty, class of 1961

Corresponding Secretary:
Kay Marsh Honeycutt, class of 1955

Recording Secretary:
Sandra Blankenship Craven, class of 1965

Callie Hart Manier, class of 2005

Paul Ice, class of 1961

Some background ... This is a work in progress.

Several years ago, in 2000, I (Joey Tuttle, Class of '60) put up some pictures taken at the 40th reunion of the class of '60 - when we gathered again in 2005 to have a 45th I decided to anticipate taking pictures and registered this site. I hope to gather some information of interest to all alumni, so if you have something interesting or have some ideas, please contact me.

During the 2005 homecoming, I attended the music event Friday evening and the Saturday banquet. There are some snapshots from both you can browse at this link

I would welcome any thoughts and ideas about what to add to the site, I hope we can develop an interesting set of things that people can enjoy and make use of. For example, it would be good to have a way to locate class members and maybe having a common web site to encourage communication can help with this.

I hope to hear from you. Check later for more stuff.

- joey