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HHS Alumni
Houston Alumni Association
P.O. Box 304, Houston, MO 65483


The idea for this page is to archive news letters, and perhaps have a more extensive obituary section, rather than having to look through lots of newsletters ...

Meanwhile, here are the some meeting minutes of the HHS Alumni Association. (remember this is a work in progress inviting your comments!)

Archived newsletters can be found as:

If you would like help finding archived copies of the PDF version of the HHS Alumni Newsletter, please Contact Us.

I am gradually (slowly) typing in obituaries from past newsletters, I welcome anyone that would like to help key enter such data (any volunteers?) - you can check on my progress (and this will allow search engines such as Google to index them) by looking at this text file of raw data. After the volume is built up, I will try to set up a way to search and/or sort the information.