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Houston High School Alumni Association

April 28, 2008 Minutes


HHS Alumni Association met April 28, 2008, in the library at First Baptist Church. The meeting was called to order by Bonnie McElroy, president. Members present were Sidney Ann Bridges, Paul Ice, Kay Honeycutt, and Terry Flowers.


Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.


Treasurer's report was presented by Sidney Ann Bridges. Motion was made by Kay Honeycutt that the treasurer shall transfer any scholarship checking account funds not needed to pay scholarships to a CD when one matures. Second by Terry Flowers. Motion carried. Sidney Ann will check with Susan Warkentin on payment of our commitment to the Community Foundation program. Sidney Ann will check on tax exempt status of the organization. It was suggested that Sidney Ann purchase a large plastic container to store financial records. Minutes of the previous meeting were read and approved.  


A report was given by the scholarship committee consisting of Paul Ice, Terry Flowers, Jim Cavanaugh, and Ila Jean Farris. Scholarship winners chosen are:

  • Jackie Kidwell — Collins Fund — $2,200 (MSU West Plains)
  • Lorin McKnight — Alumni Assn. — $1,700 (MSU Springfield)
  • Ashton Kell — Alumni Assn. — $1,700 (MU Columbia)
Some suggestions were made for changes in scholarship application and score sheet.


It was brought to our attention that several of the Pineymos in the superintendent's office are in need of repair. Paul Ice moved that we allow $25 to repair books. Second by Kay Honeycutt. Motion carried.


Due to the Memorial Day holiday there will not be a May meeting. The next meeting will be June 23, 2008.


Kay Honeycutt, Acting Secretary