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HHS Alumni
Houston Alumni Association
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Houston High School Alumni Association

Houston High School Alumni Association

June 23, 2008


Those present were Bonnie McElroy, Paul Ice, Terry Ice, Sidney Bridges, and Karen Cavanaugh.


The May minutes were read and approved after amended to include the scholarship alternates:  Amber Postlewaite and Jeff Stilley.


Mutual Fund:  It was voted to transfer $2900.00 from the Collins savings fund to a savings account with the Houston Foundation if Sidney can determine those funds will be readily available to the HHSAA.  The remaining $20.65 will be added into the HHSAA checking account.  Terry made the motion, Paul seconded. 


Sidney reported the Missouri State Tax Exemption is due for renewal in August 2009.


Sidney nominated Karen Cavanaugh for HHSAA secretary.  Terry seconded.  The vote confirmed the nomination.


Bonnie and board members collected and sent flowers for Marvin Montgomery.


Bonnie announced scholarship form changes made:

            Student Work hours:  specify per week or month

            Form return change:  return to current treasurer


Newsletter items

            Repeat info:  track honorees, time, place, not homecoming weekend.


Contacts for Alumni Weekend, Oct 3-4

            Senior Center, Paul Ice

            Gala, Paul

                        Paul, Bret Rhett  (A Time for Us)

                        Time songs


Place, Bonnie

                        Cookies-Punch, Karen



                        Set-up tables


                        Meal, Karen



                        Letter to Houston News, Paul

                                        Ask for HELP!

                        Track letter invite to go inside newsletter, Paul


Next Meeting:  July 28, 6:30 Baptist Church, newsletter folding

Ammendment:  August 28

Meeting Adjourned


Minutes submitted by Karen Cavanaugh, secretary