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Houston High School Alumni Association

Houston High School Alumni Association Minutes

August 25, 2008


The HHSAA meet in the library of the First Baptist Church and the meeting came to order at 7:00 P.M.  Those present were:  Bonnie McElroy, Paul Ice, Karen Cavanaugh, Sidney Bridges, and Kay Honeycutt.


Minutes from the July meeting were read and approved after meeting date was changed to reflect August rather than July.  Kay made the motion, and Sidney seconded.


Sidney presented the treasurerŐs report and distributed copies of the report.  Kay moved to accept the treasurerŐs report; Paul seconded.  The report was approved.


Sidney advised the group to place additional funds with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.  Discussion included interest rates, availability of funds, fund security, and amounts.  Bonnie will arrange for Carol Silveus to brief the membership at the regular November meeting about investment options and conditions with the Community Foundation of the Ozarks.  Bonnie has contacted Susan Warkentin to provide financial advice to the HHSAA. 


Kay raised concerns about updating the mailing list, excessive newsletter returns, and the cost this incurs.  She had talked about options with the postmaster, but the fix was potentially more expensive than our present system so no action was taken at this time.


Kay asks that all official HHSAA mail be routed through her P.O. Box 304, Houston, MO  65483. 


Educators Hall of Fame

            There are currently 5 nominees

            Paul will put an article in the newspaper this week for additional input.

            Deadline for entries this year is September 15, 2008


HHSAA Weekend Activities

            Parade:  line-up at 12:30 near the pool

                          FordŐs year to provide vehicles

                          Rodney Neugebauer will be asked if he would like to participate

            Gala:    7:30 P.M. Đ Bonnie is arranging location -- to be announced.

Old high school building/Fine Arts Building is unavailable

                        Scott Dill, principal, has offered the middle school gym

                        First Baptist Church, a possibility


                        Paul continues to plan and contact music and dŽcor.

                        Paul will contact Pepsi for signage.


                        Bonnie will contact SillymanŐs about sound system.

                        Bonnie will ask for 100 chairs.

            Breakfast at Senior Center

                        Freda Stewart and Ruby James will greet and collect membership dues.

                        Individual pay


            Mixer at the elementary multi-purpose room


            Banquet in HHS gym

                        Van Kirkwood and FFA will do set-up and serving.

Same menu excepting fruit dessert versus cake unless alternative is  

           presented and selected


Scholarship Inquiry

            Barbara Vicker wishes to start a scholarship for nursing school candidates

            Members came up with options for her including:

1.     family owned and maintained account

2.     account with Community Foundation of the Ozarks

3.     a separate account with the HHSAA on a temporary basis


Next meeting will be September 22 at 7:00 P.M. at the First Baptist Church library.


Meeting adjoured at 8:15 P.M.


Submitted by Karen Cavanaugh, secretary