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September 26, 2011 — 7:00 P.M.

Meeting called to order by Alumni President, Roger Holder. Those present included: Roger Holder, Terry Holder, Sharon Holder, Rowena Moore, Lana Bucher, Linda Hall, Sandra Craven, Terry Flowers, Callie Manier and Sandra Manier.

Minutes of the August 22, 2011 meeting were presented. Motion was made by Terry Flowers, seconded by Terry Holder to approve minutes. Motion passed.

Treasurer's report was presented. Motion was made by Lana Bucher, seconded by Sandra Manier to approve treasurer's report. Motion passed.

Old Business:

Roger Holder contacted Van Kirkwood about the FFA setting up tables and chairs and taking them down when the mixer is over. Roger Holder signed the paperwork to use the gym.

There will be custodians present this year to help.

Roger Holder took pictures from the classes ending in 1 and 6 out of the Pineymos to the newspaper to promote the Alumni week-end.

New Business:

Bonnie Carter will be collecting dues at the Senior Center breakfast and also serving the refreshments at the Alumni Mixer.

Callie Manier will be in charge of the Educators Hall of Fame float. Lana Bucher is to contact Norman Epperson to see if we could use his truck and trailer.

Virginia Clark will be taking pictures at the breakfast and mixer.

Terry Flowers will pick up the scrapbooks.

Sharon Holder will contact Katrina Mitchell to see if she will sing the school song.

There will be a comment box for anyone that wants to write a comment.

There will be a jar for donations to help with expenses.

Volunteers to work at the doors include: Callie Manier, Sandra Manier, Sandra Craven, Linda Hall, Sharon Holder, Jimmilee Prouty, Rowena Moore, Nancy Heavrin, Lana Bucher.

A motion was made by Sandra Craven to pay the FFA $150.00 to set up tables and chairs and take them down, seconded by Linda Hall. Motion carried.

Sandra Manier and Sandra Craven reported that the food and decorations were all taken care of.

Next meeting will be October 24, 2011 in the Methodist Church basement.

Motion by Terry Flowers to adjourn.

Sandra Craven