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HHS Alumni
Houston Alumni Association
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October 28, 2013 — 7:00 P.M.

Meeting called to order by Alumni President, Terry Holder. Those present included: Roger Holder, Sandra Craven, Kay Honeycutt, Bob Bryson, Terry Holder, Sharon Holder, Jimmilee Prouty, Lana Bucher, Linda Hall, Rowena Moore, Sandra Manier and Callie Manier.

Minutes of the September 23, 2013 meeting were presented. Motion was made by Roger Holder, seconded by Terry Holder to approve minutes. Motion passed.

Treasurer's report was presented. Motion was made by Terry Flowers, seconded by Roger Holder to approve treasurer's report. Motion passed.

Committee Reports:

Correspondence — Reported that several newsletters were returned with incorrect addresses.
Historian - None

Old Business:

There were 171 people signed in at the Alumni Mixer.

Thank You cards were sent to the appropriate people for all the help with the Alumni Mixer.

New Business:

Motion was made by Lana Bucher to pay Gaylord Ragain, Houston Schools Custodian, $100.00 for helping with the Alumni Mixer. Seconded by Linda Hall, motion passed.

Motion was made by Roger Holder to pay the FFA Club $150.00 for setting up and taking down the tables and chairs for the Alumni Mixer. Seconded by Bob Bryson, motion carried.

Franklin Bridges sent a proposed HHS Alumni Life Membership scale if anyone would like to pay life memberships.

Motion by Terry Flowers to accept the proposed new officers for 2014 by accumulation. Seconded by Roger Holder, motion passed.
  • President — Bob Bryson
  • Vice President — Norman Epperson
  • Recording Secretary — Sandy Craven
  • Corresponding Secretary — Kay Honeycutt
  • Treasurer — Lana Bucher
  • Historian — Terry Flowers
  • Newsletter Editor — Amanda Starr

Next meeting with be January 27, 2014 in the Houston Elementary Library.

Adjourned by President Terry Holder.

Sandra Craven
Recording Secretary