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HHS Alumni
Houston Alumni Association
P.O. Box 304, Houston, MO

We are beginning the process of accumulating snapshots of interest to alumni. The first available ones were taken during the 2005 Home Coming weenend. You can browse through an album of photos tagged for various decades by clicking on the links below.

Enjoy your browsing. Send us a note if you have comments, corrections, or suggestions.

If you want to search for a person or other keywords that may be associated with the photos, try using the Advanced Search Page

When you get your album of pictures (some may be very sparse at this time!) you can go to the advanced search page by clicking on "Make a new album" on the album page. Clicking on the small album pictures will take you to a larger size and you can move back and forth in the larger size pictures. The bigger ones also contain keywords associated with the photo at the top and perhaps underneath the photo. If you click on the larger photos, a copy of the original (perhaps quite large and slow to download) will be put into a new browser window. In this original size, you should be able to see as much detail as is possible with the images we have received.