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Interactive Album Builder
(Advanced Search Facility)

Click here for a hyper-linked list of valid keywords in a new window.

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To make a custom album of pictures, use the input areas above to select the set desired. For example, you could pick an event and a person's name. If you receive an error instead of some pictures, it is likely that you have "over specified" constraints. Try using just one of the selectors until you get a feel for the process. Note that the first 3 boxes narrow the search by requiring inclusion of all the phrases, while the last 2 restrict by exclusion.

Some hints: Case doesn't matter in names and places. Empty keywords are ignored. However, you must enter at least one search word to succeed. That is, you must at least replace "Random?" above with a valid search word if you want to select a non-random set of pictures.

Part of a word or phrase - e.g. "Reunion" or "1955" rather than "1955 Reunion" will work, but you may get more than you want or expected...